Understanding that the appraisal is central to both the sale or purchase of your practice, TPT will perform a thorough, comprehensive, and accurate appraisal, and we will verify the accuracy of our appraisal with objective 3rd party verification. Our thorough system of vetting protects our clients and ensures that their financial goals are met throughout the process of buying or selling.

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practice appraisals

Having worked with the dental industry for decades, we understand the curveballs that a busy and growing practice can throw your way.

For existing practices, unexpected changes, including the loss or acquisition of new partners, rethinking retirement plans, unexpected death, and market volatility (among countless others) can affect your goals, and often require a reassessment of your business.

For buyers, you want to ensure that your purchase is fairly priced and market-appropriate. We’ll consider the practice holistically, from brick and mortar value all the way to abstract values of personnel and client base. Whether buying or selling, our appraisal will be fast, accurate, and comprehensive.

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see what your equipment is worth

Equipment appraisals

Dental equipment is technically advanced, expensive, and sometimes quick to depreciate. There is no blue book for equipment value. This is where we come in. Our years of experience in appraising, buying, and selling dental equipment gives us firsthand knowledge of equipment value, and useful comparables when it comes to determining real dollar values.

We’ve been around, and we are eager to put our industry-specific experience to work for you.

How appraisals work

If you are in the market for an appraisal, TPT will make the process simple. After contacting us with the practice to be appraised, we will conduct a thorough appraisal based on three specific values:




Our goal is to make the process seamless for all stakeholders, understanding that no two situations are identical.  We are also familiar with all major dental software and can guide you to necessary data for evaluation.

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