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Purchasing a dental practice is a momentous decision involving complex financial and legal maneuvering. With over 45 years of combined experience assisting dental professionals, Trusted Practice Transitions (TPT) stands ready to help buyers navigate the complexities of this exciting process.

best done collaboratively

why representation?

Securing a major asset like a dental practice is best done collaboratively.

TPT will act on your behalf as an interested partner—not simply a listing agent. We want to guide you through this challenging, confusing process to help you obtain a positive investment.  Our level of involvement through this process will match your specific needs: we will not only help you locate a particular asset or opportunity for purchase, but we will negotiate sale particulars on your behalf and ensure proper and legal filing of all associated documentation upon closing.

Our team represents a diverse array of industry professionals with depth of experience in appraisal, negotiation, sales, acquisition, and transitions.

find the right fit for you
buying a practice with tpt

with you every step of the way

With TPT in your corner, your purchase will be a rewarding, hassle-free experience, leaving you room to focus on the particulars of operating a practice. TPT will:

  • Find multiple listings for you to consider.
  • Consult with buyers and offer appraisal-based negotiating advice designed to start your purchase on the right foot.
  • Coordinate negotiations, offers, and counteroffers.
  • Ensure proper filing and completion of all relevant sale-related paperwork.
  • Guarantee a positive buying experience throughout the process, keeping you apprised of changes and seller communication along the way.
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