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If selling is an art, then with TPT you have access to a team of Rembrandts. We work for you and your interests, and we’re eager to see you sign the bill of sale. One distinct advantage of TPT is our involvement with both buyers and sellers—our relationships with other dental professionals across the nation who we know are on the market—putting them in touch with each other, matching needs, and brokering mutually-agreeable deals.

selling a practice with tpt

why use tpt to sell your practice?

TPT will help you sell because we know who’s buying. We have our finger on the pulse of the market. We know who is looking to transition, who is looking to purchase outright, and who is inquiring about area-specific opportunities. Working with you, we will comprehensively appraise your practice and help you settle on a fair-market listing value.

We will manage inquiries into your sale, and advertise and promote your listing to a comprehensive buyer base, giving you broad exposure to dentists in your immediate area and beyond.

Our pricing structure for sales is unique. We offer not only a standard, percentage-based consultation fee structure, but also a flat-fee structure, allowing you to customize transactions to maximize your benefit. This pricing structure embodies our belief in the uniqueness of each sales experience—we do not follow a one-size-fits-all model. We will customize the experience for you, taking time to listen attentively to understand what you want out of the sale.

we know whos buying
worry free process

let us handle the sell so you can enjoy the benefits

With TPT handling the sale of your practice, you will be free from the anxiety and worry of the sales process. After in-depth dialogue to understand your needs, you can turn the workload over to us. TPT will:

  • Arrange contact with a network of buyers, many of whom extend well beyond the immediate area.
  • Broker negotiations with objectivity and fairness, while acting on your best interests.
  • Prepare, complete, and file all associated sale paperwork.
  • Collaborate to consider not only your immediate financial goals and needs, but will also strategize with an eye toward your retirement and long-term financial well-being.
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