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Navigating Conflict...Thinking Outside the Box

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Just ask yourself – When was the last time I spent far too much time trying to deal with any of the following:  trouble with a team player, issues with a Doctor, problems with a patient, stress with kids, concerns with a spouse or partner.  If you can relate with any of these situations – this is the study club meeting for you!

Caleb will share with us ways to identify when we are in the box, strategies to get out of the box and ways to let go.  He will share first hand experiences and provide insights on how to recognize when we are spending too much time and energy on the problems versus the solutions. This is a very interactive course where we can identify things we face and learn how to deal with them.

Caleb has been working in the dental industry since 2002 and has worked with hundreds of doctors and offices over the USA & Canada.  Caleb is the CEO andFounding Partner of Trusted Practice Transitions and helps Doctors and their Teams navigate through growth and change.

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To Partner or Not to Partner...That is the Question

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When it comes to partnerships there are many questions that arise. Is this the best thing for my practice? Isa partnership the right move for my retirement? What are the upsides and downsides of a partnership? How do I choose the right partner? What are the financial possibilities and pitfalls in a partnership? What are the other options besides a partnership I should consider? In this course we will cover these questions and many more. This course is directed to private practice owners and prospective owners. It will shed light on key things to consider and be aware of when buying, selling, or growing a practice to multiple owners. 

- People driven Systems
- People driven Systems for your patients
- Systems that drive your practice and help your patients
- Team driven systems for dental patrons
- Team driven Systems for your patients
- Dental systems driven by the people for the people
- People driven systems for your patrons

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Why do most dental offices struggle?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? Often times it is because of a lack of efficient systems in the business office. The business office, or “front desk” is the Cock Pit of the Airplane. They are the first and last impression for the patient. The Front Desk controls many things: the call of a prospective New Patient on the phone, the schedule, no-shows and cancellations, recall program, financial arrangements, collections and insurance processing to name a few.  There really is no “school” that can teach you how to run a dental office. More often than not, the team at the front desk is learning as they go. Here lies the problem, because you never know what you don’t know.

Linda has partnered with Caleb at Trusted Practice Transitions and they will help you zero in on the things that matter! Linda has years of experience and has learned through trial and error the systems that truly work.  Together, Linda & Caleb will partner with you and show you ways to improve the function of your business office. 

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